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XLNT Software Solutions Inc. provides WarrantyViews™ software designed to capture Job Information, schedule Inspections, generate Warranties and process Claims. The software was designed considering the various business elements required to build a Roofing system. The technology specialists at XLNT Software Solutions Inc. analyzed and designed the WarrantyViews™ which helped in building of a fully integrated Internet/Intranet Warranty and Claims Management System. The result is a software package that is been used by Carlisle Syntec Inc (NYSE:CSL), one of the fortune 500 companies for capturing online Job and Design details by there Roofers, process Job, schedule Inspection for there Field Representative, process and generate Warranty documents and capture any roof leaks reported by building owners through Claim Management.

WarrantyViewsT Software suite is designed to share information with Roofers, Building Owners, Architect, Property Managers and other important partners. It allows these partners to access data you manage for them, or to access enterprise information you determine to be appropriate for sharing. The Roofers or Building Owner or any partner can view the Job Information, or status of there Warranty, or inspections Schedule, or status of the Claim they have requested on a real time basis.
Application Modules
  • Job Management
  • Applications within Job Management Modules allow you to Create and Maintain Job Information. New Job Applications submitted by Roofers or Authorized contractors are created, with Job Name, location of the Job, Owner Information, Architect Details, Property Manager and General Contactor details. It allows user to enter details related to Job Start Date, when it needs to be completed, what type of System Warranty & Material Warranty, number of years of each warranty required and what type of Warranty options are covered e.g., What type of Hail Coverage, Accidental Puncture Coverage etc.

    The Design Maintenance section of the module provides user with Information pertaining to the design details of the Job. What is the Product Type used, Deck Type, Thickness of the Product, Total sq.ft., Height, Roof Slope, Number of Levels, System Type, Membrane Type, Top Covering, details of all Membrane Fasteners, Insulation Fasteners used in the system. Some of the other parameters captured during the Design process are Plates/Bar, Spacing, Roof Status, Use of Roof, Building Use, Seam Tech, Roofer Drawings etc. Job with the Design & Drawing Information is reviewed by Design Analysts for Approval of Inspection Process before Warranty can be generated.
  • Inspection Management
  • These set of applications within Inspection Management helps you to Assign, Schedule and Complete the Inspection process of the new Job entered into the system before a Warranty can be generated. All approved Job by Design Analyst are visible in Inspection Assignment application. Schedulers can schedule Inspection to Tech reps depending upon their availability. All scheduled Inspections become available on the tech Schedule calendar and can be processed for Completion or can be put on delay and re-scheduled. Inspection Completion process helps you to capture all Inspection details like Status, Rating and other Products used to fix. Other charges incurred during the Inspection Process are captured so that it can be invoiced to the Building Owners.
  • Warranty Management
  • The set of Applications within Warranty Management module helps you to Create & Maintain Warranty Information. Extensions, Revision, Transfer or Holding of Warranty are done by sets of applications within this module. The system calculates all the Warranty Charges based on the various design parameters, product type, membrane type etc used in building the roof. The pricing rules are built based on pr-defined criteria and can be changed dynamically. It also allows you to manually adjust or add a specific charge which is an additional charge incurred during an Inspection Process. Warranties can be extended and Inspections can be scheduled to validate an extension of the warranty. New revisions or transfer of the warranty from one Owner to another can be easily done. Warranties can be printed using a scheduler process or on demand within the application.
  • Claims Management
  • Applications within Claims Management Modules helps to open a new Claim reported as a result of a leak in the roof or for any other problem to the roof. It allows user to create a claim based on Job Number, Warranty Number or any Information provided by the Building owner. Once the system validates the Warranty Information It allows creating the claim. Claims entered releases a Purchase Order to the Roofer with details of the roof leak and what activities needs to be performed to fix. Purchase Order can be faxed or emailed to roofer for immediate attention. The other set of applications within this module are, Invoice Processing, Payment Maintenance, Close a Claim, and Close a PO, Hourly Rate Maintenance and Claim Query.
  • Roofer Management
  • Applications within Roofer Management Modules help to maintain your authorized Roofers who help installing roofs on your behalf. Contact Information, Status, primary tech rep, date established, total warranty jobs done, total sq.ft. of work performed till date, average rating, credit status are few of the information which can be captured and viewed in the Roofer maintenance application. It also has views which show details of All Job done by the roofer, Open Jobs, Jobs which are on Hold, Messages etc.
  • Rep Distributor Management
  • This application allows user to Maintain details of Rep Distributors. Status, Region serving, personal information is some of the Information which can be stored. It also has views to show details of all the roofers linked with the Rep, Rep Contacts and Messages.
  • Field Service Rep Management
  • This application allows user to Maintain details of Field Service Reps. Status, Region serving, personal information is some of the Information which can be stored. It also has views to show details of all the roofers linked with the Field Service Reps, Contacts, Messages and Inspection Itinerary.
  • Project Management
  • The application within this module Project Maintenance allows user to view all the information related to the Warranted and non-warranted Jobs. Project Name, Status, Product Type, Scope of Work, Roofer, System used, Bid Information like bid date, date awarded, Contract Price, Lost Bid details etc are captured. It has different views which allows user to view various activities performed on the Job, Contacts, and Project Invoices.
  • Project Status Management
  • Project Status is a query tool to view the current state of a warranted Job. User can view the Job details based on any information known to them, e.g., Job Number, Warranty Number, Name, and Address etc. Some of the views provided in the Project Status application are, Project Information, Warranty Information, Job Flags, Design details, Roofer Details, Submittal Details, Design Review Information, Warranty Options, Delay details, Exclusion/Restrictions within the Project, Inspection Details, all Job Address, Warranty Service Details, Job Charges and activities. This application is a one stop view of the existing status of a Project.
  • Training - Seminar Management
  • This application allows you to schedule Training or Organize Seminars for Roofers, Reps or Tech Reps. The training details are captured and the details are Emailed/Faxed to the concerned attendees.
  • Universal Applications
  • Universal Applications are set of applications which are used by users to maintain and query on Zip Codes, Events and Personal Calendar. Zip Codes Application help you to View and use zip code based information for scheduling, taxes, address validation and other purposes. Events application helps you to Schedule meetings, training, customer appointments, reserve rooms and other events, including the resources to accomplish the events. Invite or demand attendee's participation at events. Personal Calendar allows employees to view and interact with all of the events on their personal calendar. This is to be used when scheduling for vacations and other events to ensure the coordination of the events. User can manage the view, range, etc.
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