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XLNT Software Solutions offers a variety of services to end users of our Enterprise Application Software and to developers, both independent and corporate development teams as well as pure development companies.
XLNT Software Solutions provides maintenance and support contracts for all of its products and services and can accommodate most special requests for managed and remote care.
XLNT Software Solutions will consult with you on all aspects of your business software projects. Our consultants can aid you in requirements development, RFI an RFQ generation and internal requirements development. In addition the XLNT Software Solutions, Inc. staff has many years of Enterprise Software implementation experience and can assist client companies in the deployment and implementation of application solutions.
Client-specific Application Development Projects
XLNT Software Solutions' development and implementation team, or implementation partners are experienced in understanding and evaluating your business process challenges and collaboratively specifying, designing and developing custom solutions aimed at applying leading edge technology to your business problems.
Training and Education
We provide TReX College which is aimed at providing the information required to maximize your investment in TAF, TReX applications, and XLN. Training courses are designed to ensure that developers and end-users have the foundational information required to successfully use the framework and applications designed and deployed by them.
TReX College sessions are held in the XLNT home office Training / Conference Rooms. At your request we will bring the TReX College to your business site at a time convenient to you. Please contact sales@xlntinc.com, 1-877-210-5274, x201 to register and for course information.
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