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XLNT ServiceViews™
Take a look at Seventy Five Ways that ServiceViews™ helps to eliminate the Chaos. Providing many benefits for companies employing field service force.
XLNT SystemViews™
Enables organizations to minimize the cost and effort to effectively define, schedule and accomplish preventative and required maintenance and code mandated inspections.
XLNT WarrantyViews™
is written specifically for the initiation, management and review of product warranties and claims handling.
Success Stories

Carlisle SynTec Inc. is a major business segment of Carlisle Companies Inc. (NYSE: CSL), a diversified manufacturing company. Carlisle SynTec Incorporated implemented XLNT's leading product - XLNT WarrantyViews™.

Mr. Stan Rice, Carlisle SynTec's Manager of their Information Technology Department selected the TAF methodology to develop their new warranty program. "We really wanted to reengineer this application and originally looked at various options including; conversion to SAP, direct conversion of their Legacy HP3000 code along with various other vendor solutions. The TAF methodology was chosen for their application development due to the significant decrease in the development hours and the resulting decrease in the cost of development. The TAF methodology provided Carlisle SynTec Inc. with the tools necessary to continue to develop the application at significantly lower costs versus developing the application using traditional tools and methodologies. The TAF solution and the staff at XLNT provided the structure needed to move this very critical application into a highly interactive, flexible and responsive system".

PyroSignal & Suppression, Inc. is a major business entity in the field of Fire Alarm, Suppression, Sprinkler, Communications and Security Systems. This involves both the sale and service of these systems. PyroSignal recently initiated a TReX solutions for their service management. Gregg Montgomery, PyroSignal's CEO selected the TAF methodology to develop their new service program, because of it's web based design and impressive flexibility.