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Recognize anything in the image above? Scheduling is difficult, missed inspection dates occur, angry customers are calling. You know that putting out these fires eats up time and profits. The ServiceViews™ designers know too, because they are in the Fire detection, suppression, and protection service business! Let ServiceViews™ help you minimize the chaos and maximize your profitability!

Take a look at Seventy Five Ways that ServiceViews™ helps to eliminate the Chaos The ServiceViews™ software suite includes 75 primary applications in an enterprise software system which provides many benefits for those companies employing a field service force. Whether you have technicians, engineers, consultants or other individuals charged with providing services to customers, clients or subsidiary organizations, you can benefit from implementation of XLNT Software Solution, Inc.'s ServiceViews™ software suite.
ServiceViews™ Software suite is a collaboration product. Because of its design, you can share information with customers, vendors, contractors and other important partners, and allow these partners to access data you manage for them, or to access work product and enterprise information you determine to be appropriate for sharing. Your clients can check scheduled service calls, the status of service contracts, work tickets and even create records for emergency service calls.
ServiceViews™ provides an Equipment Record for each of your customers' systems or pieces of equipment including sub-components. Each of the items in the record may have specific technical information required by the by the inspection or service technician in the field. With ServiceView™, your field service technicians can have real-time access to this technical information at any time and in any location. Eliminate costly phone calls in which an inside clerk has to access and convey information to the technician, or has to print and fax or send documents each time the technician is on a service call. Now the information is up-to-date and accessible when and where needed, saving you time and money.
Due to its open and transparent design, data, and more importantly, information visibility is enhanced. ServiceViews™, when used as the back office enterprise system, allows visibility to your employees, vendors, service partners and clients of the information you choose to share, or information access that the clients license from you. This visibility is accomplished through XLNTServiceViewT, a web browser based application to be used in concert with ServiceViews™.
Application Modules
  • Accounting Administration
  • Accounting Department
  • Accounting Management
  • Administration Department
  • Administration Management
  • Employment
  • Engineering Administration
  • Purchase Warehouse Administration
  • Purchase Warehouse Department
  • Purchase Warehouse Management
  • Sales Administration
  • Sales Department
  • Sales Management
  • Service Administration
  • Service Department
  • Service Management
  • Technician Field Service
  • Universal Applications
  • Call Sales